Saturday, November 25, 2006

Beta...just a learning curve...

...or the shock of the new. I'm spending a quiet afternoon having fun with Blogger beta, Feedburner and HTML that works by some kind of rocket science that is beyond me. The pace of technology means we always have lots of new options but also that we (and our old hardware and software) are always catching up. Still I got there in the end. I spent the night deleting all the unwanted stuff on our recycled computer. It now boots up just a tad faster than continental drift. I would love to use Ubuntu as an OS but first I have to sort out the wireless connection. That's a geek problem way beyond my very limited technical skills so I'll need to call on one of my more nerdy technophiles to solve that one. Hi-tech trash is becoming a major waste disposal problem so this little bit of recycling is a small contribution to the solution. As flat screens are becoming more fashionable you see loads of old monitors on the street here. We should be able to set up a small community internet cafe with what we find. The idea is to offer free computers with open source and wifi and a cheap cup of organic coffee to keep the adrenalin flowing. But for now I'm off to the organic market and tonight it's mushroom teatime again.

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