Friday, June 22, 2007

Oxfam celebrates Ethiopian coffee agreement...

...with thanks to greenLAgirl for this link. This is great news for the Ethiopian farmers.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dirty washing...two weeks later...

...after Kristin Steele was killed on the corner of the Overtoom another woman was knocked over on the same spot and is in a critical condition. Amsterdam's streets are a dangerous place. Yesterday I washed the red fleece that I wear on my bicycle. I washed it by hand Three changes of water and the water was still black. I mean black as soot! What are we breathing into our lungs on the streets. This is unseen pollution that is slowly killing us every day in our hurry to get nowhere. So I'm planning a small experiment with some of my chemist friends. I'm going to wear the fleece for one month then wash it and analyse the water to see what's in it. We'll repeat this process every month to see just how dirty our roads really are. Change of topic but still on the theme of the dangers of modern living Out of the Tunnel, Rachel's book, is out soon and I'm really curious to read it. Hope it comes to Amsterdam soon. She has the courage to speak for those who suffer the shame and fear of trauma in silence.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wales grows its own...

...according to the BBC the country grows more cannabis than it imports. "Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, believes a major re-think is needed to solve the UK's drug problem and has campaigned for the de-criminalising of cannabis for many years.
He thinks users should be treated as patients rather than criminals.
'We've had this increasing toll of wasted lives, of deaths, worse than anywhere in Europe, and we've got to say to the politicians, for goodness sake, be a little courageous, don't go for the easy headline or the quick vote.'" says the BBC.

Friday, June 08, 2007

See you in heaven, Kristin...people's princess...

...Sometimes things happen in a very strange way. On the way into town the other day I saw a sign warning people on bicycles against the "dead corner" when large vehicles are turning and cannot see the front side. Half an hour later I witnessed just that happen. Kristin Steele worked in the Hard Rock Cafe and was a very popular girl. I spoke to an eye witness, who got there just before me, today. It is so sad what happened. Please everyone be careful on your bicycles. There is far too much traffic in the centre of Amsterdam. I had a near fatal accident two years ago. Everyone is in such a hurry. We must learn to slow down. Let us remember Kristin and be more aware.