Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Paradox by Amsteractive...burning trees...

...After a few technical hitches our first Amsteractive short film is up on the net. It is about the tradition of burning the Christmas trees on the Museumplein on January 7 and asks a simple question. At a time of climate change and worries over carbon emissions does this send out the right message? Would it not make more sense to plant the trees somewhere or at least to use them as biofuel?

Joe at audiophobia did a great editing job. Richard as usual was the superglue that held the thread of the project together when the technology let us down. It is amazing how many hours work go into a three minute film. Thanks to everyone who helped.

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Gentleman-hobbs said...

Congrats & well played, been a bit creative myself what what! Just redecorated my padded cell in velcro and made myself a matching jumpsuit. I don't bounce off the walls anymore but if I jump hard enough on my trampaline it takes a good 15 mins to peel off.