Saturday, January 06, 2007


...fills the confused space created by my Blogger beta double ID. A local blog for local people. The first few Amsteractive days have been fun but the clock is the wrong way round and my caffene level is at an all time high. The Amsteractive team have been great and I also want to thank Lzi for the impetus to get the idea up and running. Community is at the centre of this project and as Amsterdam is a small world city, people tend to get to know each other over time. I think all the bicycles help. Getting around is more sociable here with cycle paths everywhere. I've really got to love this city with its quirky way of doing things. An Amsterdammer is always an individual and the city is always ready to surprise you. A small note to visitors though. The cycle lanes are for bicycles not for standing on to take pictures, unless you want to learn some useful Dutch slang. If you have any Amsterdam news or projects please email us at

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