Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cosmic DNA...by Gaffer R...

Never give up. Never surrender.

Why didn't they create all of the DNA? Well, I suppose it's because
the premise of the hypothesis is that those Galactic Tourists didn't
start from zero, but rather, upon finding some "primitive" life form(s) on
the beach, decided to take a dip in the gene pool. Was it an in-vitro
affair, or was it merely an impromptu holiday romance?

Did they expect us to find out? Who knows. There is that Immaculate
Conception story wots been making the rounds for 2000 years. Nobody's solved
that one yet. It does rather feel like a Cosmic Jerry Springer Show. Today's
Eternal Topic, "Who my baby daddy?"
Perhaps we need to ask the mice?

Crossword puzzle? If so, it's one of those with all of the squares, but none
of the clues!

Vulcans? If it was, then they must have been here for a long, long time.
Vulcans only get amorous once every seven years, don'tchya know!
Ponfar...how logical is that?

Since it appears that resistance was indeed futile, if it was the Borg then
they were definitely fertile. At least it wasn't the Tribbles. And thank Dog
it wasn't the Vogons!!!! Then again, after attending more than my fair share
of autonomous-anarchist-activist-subcultural performances, I wouldn't be a
bit surprised if it weren't the Vogons after all! Holy Xenu, Batman! Oh
wait, that's from another fairy-tale!

I have problems with apostrophes, too. Seems that the key only works after
much viscious tapping. One must be firm in these matters.

Albert Swine? He always was such a pig...or was it a prig? Anal probes, you
say? First people need to get over their anal/cranial inversion afflictions!
Talk about stretching...
Make it so, Number 1.

-- GafferR

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