Sunday, December 10, 2006

Final lone mass demo in 2006... on December 20 in Parliament Square and if your are in London and want to take part then you have to apply for permission from the police by the 14th. Rachel has all the details on her blog. Santa himself will also be applying tomorrow at Charing Cross police station. As Rachel says, "By applying to protest as an individual about anything you like - silly or serious - and doing so, as a lone individual - together - simulataneously - with other lone protesters - and by applying en masse to protest as individuals - you draw attention to the crapness of the law. Whilst obeying the letter of it.
It is 100% legal, it is making a serious point in a satirical way and it is great fun. One day you will tell your grandchildren you were there, I promise."

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cool - i need to repost this..