Friday, August 18, 2006


...Sonia has been looking into British foreign policy and writes, "If countries want to go about being violent - then obviously we ordinary individuals have tried but have not been able to stop them. Pointing to the cycle of violence which makes it much harder to stop future violence is hardly ‘justifying’ violence - precisely the opposite - you want to stop ALL kinds of violence! if you wanted to justify violence you wouldn’t be much interested in stopping the overall cycle. I guess a lot of people are just too dumb to see that or frankly = not interested in the overall picture. They could just be honest about that." Which seems simple enough so why don't we accept that the cycle of violence in the Middle East will have consequences for us. Whatever the real cause of terrorism it seems that a large number of people have lost confidence in a government that will not even recall Parliament to discuss the risk to the country. The constitutional royal prerogative gives the Prime Minister too much power. He does not seem to know how to exercise it wisely so perhaps we need a better constitution that gives a fairly ele cted Parliament a bit more power. Rachel has linked to this interesting posting on the whole business of flying toi let terror. Will we ever know the truth? Joli weekend, mes amis.

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