Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Strange attractor attracts blip...

(Afghani tallbiker/Chicagofreakbike) serendipity strikes on Monday. The three princes of Serendip in the old Persian fairy tale were named after the Arabic word for Sri Lanka. The blip came to wake us up. Sapere Aude! Dare to think. Dare to be wise. So Tuesday we went on the radio hoping to get wiser and ran into our Tall pals. More Princes of Serendip. Some of them were busted for protesting against the weapons fair in Amsterdam recently. Peaceful protest? Call the riot police. Indymedia/nl(in Dutch)

The whole carneval was a learning curve. We are like Hydra. When they cut off a head , two more grow in its place. Tall Bikes have a festival in the Vondelpark on 5 May near Mr Vondel's statue.

...Dr Co on the case...! Picture from the protest against the Marlec weapons show. Oh Amsterdam where are you going, old girl? This always was an unconventional city. At least a few activists are trying to keep the tradition alive. Cyberamiga was lucky. She did not get busted.

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