Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prayers for a free Tibet!

Prayers for a free Tibet!, originally uploaded by Cookiemouse.

Peace and freedom are indivisible. In the year when China wishes to hold the Olympic Games, they should show mercy and justice to the Tibetan people. This picture was taken in Monmouthshire, Wales.

Update: China has closed Tibet to the media and is censoring and blocking news websites. Here is the letter sent to the Chinese embassy by the editor of the Guardian. How can anybody now justify holding the Olympics in China?


Rvttsurf said...

Thank you for your message of peace

If everybody could react like you

I put a link to your blog and your item

Thanks again Rvttsurf

sachinagg said...

you are doing great job. I like your massage of peace & wish that everyone shud follow you......
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