Monday, March 10, 2008

Green and fairtrade shopping online

Shopping and caring for the planet is relatively easy in a big city, where there are lots of specialized stores and products available. But what do you do if you live in a remote area? Shop online? Well now there is thepurplebook green, an eco-friendly guide by Hillary Mendelsohn to shopping online. There are over 400 store listings, keyed with little helpful symbols denoting fair trade practices, recycled materials, and the like. You can also visit our new Cookiemouse Store which has a section on recommended eco-friendly and fairtrade products. More and more people are doing their shopping online and there is a growing need for useful information on products that can help to reduce our environmental footprint. Did you know that just by turning off the water when you brush your teeth can make huge savings. Also not getting a receipt from ATMs could save thousands of trees if everybody did it!


chalky said...

I stopped getting receipts from the ATMs a few years back and not only have I been doing my bit for the environment, I've also saved on buying new purses since they don't break under the strain of dozens of receipts any more! Double good move!

I love the Cookiemouse store!


Cookiemouse said...

Well done! Glad you like the store. Slowly I'm finding a new sense of direction for this blog: sustainable shopping (and living!)