Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some random search and browser numbers

After the recent takeover bid for Yahoo I thought I would check some of the search and browser numbers for the Cookie Mouse blog. Almost 99% of my search traffic came from Google, while just under 2% came from Yahoo. No wonder Yahoo must be worried. MSN was nowhere to be seen. Then when I looked at the browser numbers I got another surprise. Check this out:
Internet Explorer 48.92%
Firefox 41.35%
Safari 9.19%
Opera 0.54%
Now for me the Firefox number is the big surprise, much higher than I would have expected. These are the Wikipedia web browser stats which give Firefox a much lower percentage. OK, my little blog may not be representative but I'll be following this trend. Open source seems to be far more widespread than media reports indicate. So here's a little promo for the browser I use most myself. The other one I use is Safari as I have a MacBook.
Firefox 2
The most popular pages were, hardly surprising, the chocolate pages and I must say that I can think of a few worse niches to be in.


chalky said...

Hey CookieMouse!

I've got very similar stats to you -less came through Yahoo for me though.

Lots of IE6 which is not great because I am aware of a bug that means IE6 users can't see you tube videos embedded in my blog :( still working on how to get around this.

I like Firefox, been using it for a few years now - there's always something you have to work around with IE.

Thanks for the Digg as well - Thursday is my birthday so the night at the Roxy should be fun!:-)

Hope everything is good with you and please keep the Chocolate pages coming-they're grrrrrrrreat!


Cookiemouse said...

So you also had such a large Firefox percentage? That's interesting. Hope you have a good time on your birthday and don't worry. The chocolate pages will keep on coming!