Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Cookie mouse year mission statement

This is ground control to Major Tom. The Beatles went "Across the Universe" yesterday. Thanks to Chalky's Terrible Love Songs for putting me on to this event, as well as introducing me to Cat Power. Here's one of their laid back tracks:

Now to the mission. Cookie Mouse already has a fair trade, organic mission statement. Now Cookie Book needs one too. With the Chinese and Tibetan New Year almost upon us this seems like a good time for some more resolutions as well as a few fortune cookies. More green issues again maybe, or how about some art? Photography would be cool as it is one of my passions. I feel the need to focus on something that is creative but also allows me to dabble in the music and ideas that I like. So if anyone out there has any ideas I'm open to suggestions. I'm looking for another niche and the challenge of trying to find and develop it. While I'm fascinated by the internet I'm no expert and at best report ideas developed by others in that field. So don't be shy. What would you do with a blog that has a middling page rank but needs a sense of direction?


chalky said...

Hey Cookie Mouse,

Maybe combine two of your interests and take photos of bands/musicians?

I enjoy the fact that this blog discusses lots of different subjects

Sorry can't be of more help,


Cookiemouse said...

Thanks, Chalky! That's an idea. I've decided photography will be part of the mix for sure as it is my passion. With you as my Cookiemouse MC I sure have a hotline to the best tunes.