Thursday, November 09, 2006

More stuff happens... the Democrats win Virginia where Republican George Allen has admitted defeat. I'm drinking wine with some Canadian friends who are packing their kit and leaving for London for a few days. I feel the time has come to mingle my biography with the big picture. Will all this change my life. I do hope so for the sake of the three children I live with. Let's hope the world will now be a safer place with a better future. My five marijuana plants are doing fine and will be put into flower tomorrow. They have been grown in excellent organic soil and given seaweed and neem oil according to Soma's best organic principles. I also now have a prescription for medical marijuana for my arthritis which is practically non existent thanks to the 'erb. It's all good. And my Tibetan lama's coming to Amsterdam to do a meditation course so if anyone's interested get in touch. What a day!


Gentleman-hobbs said...

Pleased for you and keep spreading the philosophy!

Celia said...

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