Thursday, November 16, 2006

Calling all dyslexic Satanists...

...golb early for Christmas as Santa is on his way to chocolate lovers everywhere. Rachel says that "As the US neo-cons unravel, you'd think the time for calmer voices calling for thoughtful debate would be heard. But politicians think they can win votes and leadership elections by swinging their dicks and stamping their feet and bellowing like gorillas with the tabloids gibbering a chorus.Until we stop indulging these macho ego-displays and grow up, we'll continue to get hysteria, fear, demonisation of Muslims and the febrile atmosphere of anger, suspicion and cynicism that such an explosive atmosphere brews." so come on, boys, put away your toys and stick your dicks back in your pockets so we can all have a nice green Xmas with lots of organic fair trade chocolate and some wicked dyslexic pudding. I've had such a stressful week that I have an urgent need to be silly so tonight I'm going to drink a beer with the maddest Polish DJ I know, the Funkymonkeyman. Skol, yule and Kali ma to yall. While all Joan Armatrading fans can be "open to persuasion."

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