Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11...I missed the first one... I was staying with a friend and we did not have access to the news. I remember being in Bochum a few days later and asking my girlfriend if I'd missed anything, surrounded as I was by lots of strange images on TV. She suggested I read the newspaper. I did and had a brief but rather strange feeling I had been transported to a paralell universe. My private life in the years since has often given me the impression that it is so. So here I am in this strange topsy-turvy world having fallen down the rabbit hole into the post 9/11 universe where values are distorted and the image of death has become our mantra. Like many I yearn for the age of innocence when moderation was the key to a civilised life. Did it ever exist or is it just a fiction of my memory? After 9/11 came Madrid then 7/7 and we entered these strange Orwellian times in which there seems so little to hold on to. Yet each one of us in her way is finding a voice. We talk, we blog, we question and together we write our own history. We yearn for peace and truth. We hope. We despair. We are alive. That is our reality.


Gentleman-hobbs said...

totally agree with the value distortion / orwellian theme. I'd like to also profer Marx, Karl as opposed to Groucho (though an intellect in his own right), for it was he who first identified the concept of alienation. Many decent people around the world suffer more and more from this each year, powerless to stop the corperate giants thirst for resources and the future of our childrens world. They think quarter by quarter, hense their short term greed

Leighton Cooke said...

I agree that empowerment is our main mission.