Friday, August 11, 2006

Blogpoets...anoraks and zombies...

...and the great unwashed and uneducated are taking over according to the dazed and confuzzled Heather. And the hacks are scared wicked. How dare we have the temerity to give our purile opinions on the internet. That sort of thing should be left to the experts. They are known as journalists. Maybe Arnie Blairo can pass a new law to get us all burned at the stake? Roll up! Roll up!Auto da fe in the bunker. Not content with just writing. People such as the Rockmother are even podcasting. Now perhaps even the BBC will get its knickers in a twist. So it seems we are here to stay and we are lowering the tone of the place. Janet Street Porter sums up her views on blogging in her frankly obnoxious column by saying:
"The web is fast becoming clogged with blogs; the verbal diarrhea of the under-educated and banal."
Patroclus comments, "What a great post, nice one Heather. At times like this I like to air my zombie analogy - the media are scared of blogs because blogs are like a horde of attacking zombies: they look like the media, but they're all disfigured and horrid, and there are millions of them, and you can't kill them, and even if you 'kill' one or two (e.g. by hiring them as columnists), hundreds more rise up in their place."
As information degenerates into chaos and stranded holidaymakers have spontaneous champagne parties in airports around the world life imitates art yet again and a horror scenario future becomes our present. 8/11 nearly joined 9/11 in the annals of the bizarre Orwellian reality we now inhabit. Greenland's icecaps are melting three times faster than expected so I hope we can all swim. Across the channel maybe! Joli weekend mes amis.


parnellpr said...

Leighton, thanx for the comments. Keep em coming.... will add you to blogroll soon.


Leighton Cooke said...

Mon plaisir!