Friday, July 07, 2006

Rachel's London one year later...

..."Photo shows The Wounded Angel of St. Pancras church, dedicated to the victims of the 7th July bombings, and flowers underneath left by some of the passengers of the 8.50am Piccadilly line train that was suicide-bombed, ( 'Kings Cross United'), the London Underground staff, from Kings Cross and Russell Square and the British Transport Police officers who rescued the passengers, and the drivers of the bombed Piccadilly train."

"When we all got on the train we did not know that for some of us it would be a last journey, and that some of us would not come home.
We did not all finish our journey together, but we carry you in our hearts. To all that loved you, knew you, worked with you, miss you, our thoughts are with you.
Wherever we travel, we know that we are all fellow passengers,and we are with each other on our journey.'

Silence for one minute

Today is Rachel's day as well as being a day that belongs to all those that died or were injured last year in the London suicide bomb attacks. It is also a day that belongs to every Londoner who gets up to go to work by public transport each day. It is a day that belongs to the rescue services and police who came to help the victims. It is a day that belongs to ordinary people who became heroes by helping those next to them. It is a day to remember all victims of violence everywhere, whether in New York City or Kabul or Baghdad. Rachel's blog has been an inspiration to many. Her humanity and honesty and her determination to fight for justice for the victims are an example to us all.

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