Friday, April 14, 2006

Travellers tales of lost passports...

...which happened to me last year. The British Consulate were very helpful and friendly. When a friend of mine had a similar experience this year, the back page of his new passport made a note under observations of the old stolen passport number and where it had been issued. They are watching us and showing us that they are watching us. So Happy Easter HMG, if you happen to read this.

Today I follow tradition and go to the Westerkerk in Amsterdam to listen to a full orchestra and choir perform the "Johannes Passion" by Johann Sebastian Bach. The church is always full and it is one of the highspots of the year.

They have opened the day cafe in OT301 on the Overtoom. From 12pm to 6pm it's the best place to get good organic coffee and tea and some of the best cake in Amsterdam baked by the maestro himself. They also have a sweet black kitten who seems to like me.

On the cannabis front there will be a presentation by ENCOD in the Cannabis College with Joep Oomen and Wernard Bruining on how to end the war on cannabis. Free entry. Wednesday, 19 April at 3pm and 7pm.

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